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Welcome to Teen Club Tanzania!

Teen Club Tanzania is a peer support group for HIV-positive adolescents in Mbeya, Tanzania and Mwanza, Tanzania.

The first Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative (BIPAI) Teen Club started in 2003 in Uganda. Teen Club Tanzania is the newest member of the BIPAI Teen Club network with 595 members    Attendance is expected to increase as more HIV-positive children enroll in care and survive into adolescence.

Teen Club organizes fun events for teens with educational components including HIV education, life skills, financial literacy, goal setting and most recently income generating projects, like Stitch by Stitch. Teens learn that good adherence to medications means good health. Good health is a vital resource for poverty eradication and economic development.

Teen Club International currently has approximately over 2,800 active members throughout East and South Africa




In December 2012, we partnered with an US based organization called the Serious Fun Network (SFN).  In collaboration with SFN, we were able to provide a week long camp for 40 children who attend the clinic in Mbeya. We were able to transport the campers to a separate location, provide them with meals, housing, education, and fun yet educational activities during this week. The campers were taught about the importance of taking their medications on time, how HIV is transmitted, team building, goal setting skills, confidence, and positive living with HIV.


This was a unique opportunity for the campers in which the majority of the participants had never experienced before. It allowed them to be taken out of their routine everyday struggles and enjoy just being a kid. The campers arrived not knowing what they were getting themselves into, and by the end did not want to leave. It was evident how much they had changed in the way the campers walked into camp, to how they left camp holding their heads up high feeling a new sense of life.


We believe the long-term impact of such programs will not only affect with positively their health outcomes but also significantly improve their coping skills living with HIV/AIDS.  In order to sustain such activities, additional partnerships with local organization is vital.  Currently Baylor-Tanzania in Mbeya is looking for some financial support for this project. The goal this year is to run the camp for two consecutive sessions allowing 80 children to experience Salama Camp in Mbeya, and to provide a week long camp in Mwanza for 40 children.


If you would like to help support this program you can donate directly through this website.  Every little bit helps. Please select Teen Club Tanzania and then under comments you can write Salama Camp.